Visitor Info

So, you're coming to Montreal to officiate a game? Thanks! Here's a bit of info that you might enjoy.

Officiating Lineups
Please see the information on our Hosted Games officiating lineups page. Scroll to the bottom of the document and select the date of the game.

Main Venue
Arena Saint-Louis - 5633 Saint-Dominique, Montreal QC, Canada

Here's a map of the venue area, and some neighbouring points of interest: 

Parking is simple - there's a city parking lot besides the arena that is free on weekends and week nights. If it should be full because you got there too late, street parking is safe. Please be mindful of the street signs when parking - there are certain streets that are reserved to people of the neighbourhood (in those spots, the signs clearly say that parking is reserved to a specific sector number).

Food is easy - there's plenty of restaurants near by, including Panthère Verte (Green Panther), a great vegetarian / vegan place for quick eats. Check out the map above for other options, or just take a walk in the area (on Saint-Laurent going south, or on Saint-Viateur going west).

Schedule - the venue typically opens at least 2 hours before the scheduled game time, while our call time generally is around 1 hour before the scheduled game time. Feel free to arrive earlier if you want to test the floor or warm up more!

Installations - the venue is a hockey arena (without ice!), and its floor is made of polished concrete that can be somewhat slippery at times. In regards with officiating, our setup aims to be as close to the tournament setup as possible. When you enter the venue by the main door, you'll find yourself just behind the bleachers. Turn left and move forward - there's going to be a series of doors to your left (offices, bathroom, etc); take the one that leads you to a staircase going downstairs. Once downstairs, you'll find yourself in a corridor that runs the width of the venue and gives access to all the change rooms. The officiating room is the one at the left end of the corridor.

Secondary / Practice Venue
Le Taz - 8931 Papineau, Montreal QC, Canada

More details to come...