Training with Us

This is our old referee training plan, for reference.

Learning the Rules and Standard Practices

A) The WFTDA Rules (pdf) by the WFTDA
Read through them as often as you can! There is also an online version here.

Read those once in a while to ensure that you officiate in the most standard way possible.

Get it at the WFTDA website store, and read through it for a complete review of all the elements pertinent to officiating.

D) The Roller Derby Test-O-Matic by Sausage Roller
Think you know the rules? Prove it! :)

Learning to Call Penalties

A) The WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues (pdf) by the WFTDA
Read through this document to learn how to verbally call penalties.

Read through this document to learn how to visually call penalties.

C) The Penalty Generator by Montreal's Just Mo
Call the background color, player number, and penalty. You can click or press 'Enter' to get a new call.
Pressing 'Enter' and keeping it down is not recommended for those with epilepsy. But it's pretty awesome.

Seeing the Action

This is starting to be a little dated...

A few good videos to watch for possible penalties:
Carolina Rollergirls 2010:
Carolina Rollergirls Best Hits Video 2009:
Carolina Rollergirls Home Season Best Hits 2008:
Carolina Rollergirls Allstars Best Hits 2007:
Carolina Rollergirls Best Hits 2007:
Ludichris Speed First-Person Video:
A busy jam from WFTDA Easterns 2010:

And finally, go watch some games and train your eye!
If you can't find a live game near you, head over to the "Live" section of or the "Archives" section of Youtube is a good source of video clips, too!