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Montreal Roller Derby always has a few officiating positions to fill. No experience is required - we will teach you everything. Here's a breakdown the available positions:

  • Pack Referee: The pack referee focuses on giving penalties to blockers.
  • Jammer Referee: The jammer referee focuses on counting score and giving penalties to a team's jammer.

NSOs (Non-Skating Officials)
  • Jam Timer: Signals the jam start and end, keeps track of the time during the jam. Also keeps track of timeouts and reviews taken by both teams.
  • Scorekeeper: Receives score updates from the jammer referee, calculates totals, communicates with the scoreboard operator.
  • Penalty Tracker: Compiles a list of all penalties given, informs referees of players that should go to the penalty box or has fouled of the game.
  • Lineup Tracker: Keeps track of who lines up for each team for every jam.
  • Scoreboard Operator: Updates the scoreboard.
  • Penalty Box Official: Manages the penalty box, keeps track of the time left on penalties and releases players when appropriate.
  • Rinxter Official: Manages the software system we use to keep track of everything in real-time during games.

All NSO positions are off-skates, while referee positions are on-skates. People are not attached to specific positions; they develop their expertise in one or many positions as they desire.

All positions require presence at some of our home games (a few Saturday nights during the spring and summer). Travel is always optional. Presence at practice is pretty flexible:
  • NSO positions basics are fairly simple, and can be learned quickly, but still take a long time to master completely. The general involvement for NSOs is one practice every month or two.
  • Referee positions require substantial training and learning; at least two practices per month, if not more.
Because the referee positions require a lot of training and knowledge before they can first be executed in a real game, new referees are often trained for NSO positions at the same time. This enables them to participate in real games more quickly.

Most practices are held on Tuesday nights at Le Taz (8931 Papineau in Montreal).

If you are still interested in joining us, please head over to the main league site and fill out our contact form, using the topic "You want to become a referee?" from the "Department to Contact" dropdown list:

We'll be in touch! Thank you!